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This fresh, fruity and healthy bouquet contains juicy strawberries, cantaloupe, juicy pineapple daisies, stars, grapes and galia melon wedges. Selected strawberries, pineapple daisies, stars and apple wedges are coated with semi sweet chocolate. Why not try this mouth-watering selection at your next business meeting or family gathering?


  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Pineapple daises, stars
  • Cantaloupe Centers  
  • Cantaloupe Wedges  
  • Galia melon wedges  
  • Grape skewers 
  • Apple wedges 
  • Dark chocolate 

Medium size   - serves 3-5 people 
Large size       - serves 6-8 people
XLarge size     - serves a party 
XXL size       - serves a banquet 

Container May Vary 

XL is served in a round basket 

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