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Queen of Fruit will make your next business event, family gathering or birthday even more memorable! This fresh fruit bouquet is always expertly arranged, so you can be sure you'll make a lasting impression on all your VIP guests. Whether you're planning an important meeting, a corporate convention, or a holiday party, Queen of Fruit is the perfect table centerpiece, dessert, and a unique gift.


• Fresh Strawberries
• Pineapple daises
• Cantaloupe Centres 
• Cantaloupe wedges
• Galia melon wedges
• Kiwi Slices
• Orange wedges
• Apple Wedges
• Dark Chocolate with White chocolate 

Large size              - serves 7-9 people
XLarge                   - serves a partyXLarge              

XXLarge (as shown)- serves a banquet

Basket may vary 

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